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Hire-Buy-Sell: Advanced Pianos is "In Tune" with Your Needs

You may have an ear for music, but are you in tune with your piano options?

Pianos don't have to be high finance, but they are an investment and just like any investment, come with several options. Whether your goal is to rent/ hire, buy, or sell a piano, our piano tips will help you understand your options and ensure that your piano performs up to your expectations in both the pleasure it provides and its investment value.

Piano Hire Services

Try before you buy…ask about our rent to buy scheme

Today, Ravel... tomorrow, Rugby. Our interests and those of our children are ever changing. However, purchasing a piano is a big investment for what may be a "here today...gone tomorrow" hobby.

Advanced Pianos provides pianos for hire-a way for you to determine whether playing a musical instrument is as enjoyable as listening to music, without the expense of purchasing a piano.

Keep celebrations on a high note

Even if you own a piano, consider piano hire for your next wedding, birthday party, conference, or other cross-town function. Piano moving can be a daunting task and if done improperly can end in calamity for amateur piano movers as well as your piano. Hiring your piano from Advanced Pianos saves you from the worry and frustration of piano damage or injury to yourself.

  • Advanced Pianos works within your budget to help you acquire the piano you need at a price you can afford.
  • No time limits. Advanced Pianos provides both long-term and short-term piano hire services.
  • With some conditions, our piano hire prices start at just $1.45 a day for keyboards or select your piano from our sizeable assortment of uprights and grands.

Piano Shopping

Are you a shopper?

Before you purchase a piano, be sure to contact Advanced Pianos. Our pre-sales piano inspections help you choose a quality instrument at a fair price.

New piano prices range from $2000 for small upright pianos to $80,000 for a Steinway Concert Grand. However, before you invest in a new piano, consider that a well-maintained piano seldom decreases in value; more often, it maintains or increases in value over time. Often you can purchase a used piano of equal or greater value to a new counterpart for a fraction of the cost.

Remember, though, that the total cost of your privately purchased piano equals the sale price, the costs of delivery, and the cost of initial tuning and repair. Cracked soundboards, rusting strings, broken pin blocks and other expensive problems can turn your piano deal into a disaster. Our pre-sales piano inspection alerts you to any problems and provides an estimate of after-purchase costs before you bring your piano home.

Rely on Advanced Pianos for Quality Pianos.

As well as providing pre-sales inspections, Contact Advanced Pianos to choose from a collection of near-new and well-practiced grands, uprights, digital pianos, and keyboards. We do our best to keep our selection of pianos in tune with your budget and ready to provide you with years of musical pleasure.

Selling Your Piano

Before you put your piano on the market, contact Advanced Pianos for piano tuning and repair. Bringing your piano into condition before you sell amplifies the value of your piano and brings you top dollar for its sale.

Advanced Pianos can also perform a pre-sales inspection of your piano. Our inspection alerts you to problems you'll need to disclose to a buyer and can help you set a saleable price on your piano.

Wait! Are you looking for a different model or a smaller sized piano? We're always looking for quality pianos. Ask us about piano trades or purchase of your well-maintained piano.

Advanced Pianos-"Keeping Australia in Tune"


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